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Chemtex Super Family Disinfectant Combo Pack

Alstasan Hand Rub 580ml; Alstacol 25+ 500ml; Alstasan II 256 500ml

Chemtex Kitchen Star Combo | Floor Cleaner | Oven & Grill Cleaner | Steel Polish | Scale & Rust Remover | CX Home Care Range (Free Dish Wash)

700ml each of CX-D7, CX Grill; 600ml each of CX Scale, CX Spiral-HD

Chemtex Room Shine Household Combo | Floor Cleaner | Glass Cleaner | Surface Cleaner | Furniture Polish | Carpet Cleaner | CX Home Care Range (Free Room Freshener)

700ml each of CX-3, CX-4 Shine Up, CX-2 with 600ml CX-7

Chemtex Room Fresh Combo | Floor Cleaner | Carpet Cleaner | Air Freshener | Multipurpose Cleaner | CX Home Care Range (Free Glass Cleaner)

700ml each of CX-5, CX Multi; 600ml of CX Spiral-HD; 1ltr of CX-101

Chemtex Bathroom King Combo | Toilet Cleaner | Bathroom Tile Cleaner | Glass Cleaner | Air Freshener | CX Home Care Range (Free Hand Wash)

700ml each of CX-9, CX-3, CX-5; 1ltr of CX-6