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99.99% Protection Anti-Microbial Silane Coating

Long Lasting Microbes Free Surface Coating Products and Services

Chemtex BioBubble Antimicrobial FloorCoat

Chemtex BioBubble Floor Antimicrobial coating germ free for up to 7 days with each use at an effective cost of 5 paise per square feet, reducing the need for daily detergent and phenyl cleaning in high foot traffic areas. Mop once, Stay Protected for 7 Days      
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Chemtex BioBubble Antimicrobial FabriCoat

Chemtex BioBubble Antimicrobial Fabric Conditioner protecting your clothes, garments, fabric masks, uniforms, daily wear for up to 20 washes with a single use without any use of high temperature wash. One time application ensures germs free clothes for up to 20 washes      
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Chemtex BioBubble Antimicrobial ElectroCoat

Chemtex BioBubble ElectroCoat is an easy to apply antimicrobial coating that provides 15 days protection to electronics and common touch points. A 200ml bottle can cover up to 100 touch points, preventing cross transmission of germs through fomites (both electronic and non-electronics). Application: Cell phones, computer peripherals, laptop, calculators, access controls, switches, wrist watches, keys, water bottles, door knobs and other immediate surfaces 15 Days Surface Antimicrobial Protection      
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Chemtex BioBubble Antimicrobial HandCoat

Chemtex BioBubble Alcohol free 24 hours hand sanitizer foam germ free soft and moisturized hands, with complete all round protection against all types of bacteria, viruses, spores, biofilms and allergens for 24 hours with each use. It forms a transparent monomolecular layer which kills microbes on contact basis and does not allow re-contamination. Coverage: 1 push for palms, 2 pushes for up to elbows 24 Hours Antimicrobial Protection for Hands      
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Biobubble Home Kit_Chemtex Kolkata

Chemtex BioBubble Antimicrobial Home Kit

Chemtex BioBubble Home Kit, an assorted range of silane antimicrobial coating products that protect your surroundings, clothes, and personnel from surface contact transmission of pathogens that protect your surroundings, clothes, and closed ones from surface contact transmission of unwanted germs, bacteria, and viruses. Each kit contains 1xHandCoat, 1xElectroCoat, 1xFabriCoat, 1xFloorCoat. All in One Antimicrobial Protection Kit      
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